777 Crosses -Fairytale - Dagga Cookie F1

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Pastel - Lyn Janisch "Parfait" Crossings
T37 27.FWL x Mirabilis 52.777-BBB

 (FWL x Mirabilis interspecific) x 777 - BBB

Full umbel of pendulous flared flowers with cream up centre 35+/- blooms

5 R 500.00
T38 26.Fairytale Raindrops 18.Dagga Cookie Dizzy

 Fairytale Raindrops x Dagga Cookie"Dizzy"

Lots of Green in the Fairytale attractive colouration good petal size and umbel.

 5 R 500.00
T39 53.Bronze Velvet 52.777-BBB

Bronze Velvet x 777-BBB

Stunning Pierre de Coste Bronze with dark green centre crossed with 777 genetics.

5 R 500.00
T40 54.Fairytale Fabulous 52.777-BBB

Fairytale Fabulous x 777-BBB

Fabulous speaks for herself  mixed with Stunning partner - expecting something super.

5 R 500.00
T41 55.Fairytale Green Tinge 56.Fairytale Flying High

Fairytale Green Tinge x FAIRYTALE FLYING HIGH

This cross should flower on really interesting off-spring. Using a stunning F1 (Fairytale x Zol) Sean's Narcotics Series

5 R 500.00
T42 57.Fairytale Green Sprinkles 58.777-Pikkie

Fairytale Green Sprinkles x 777 Pikkie

Pretty colouration crossed with 777 with lots of green in both clones.

5 R 500.00
T43 59.Fairytale Green Fern 52.777-BBB

Fairytale Green Fern x 777-BBB

Good Green in the flower inside and outside. Great shape to flowers on big umbel.

5 R 500.00
T44 60.Fairytale Cherub 52.777-BBB

Fairytale Cherub x 777-BBB

Fairytale F2 generation. Will produce interesting and hopefully consistent colouration with green.

5 R 500.00
T45 61.Fairytale Morning Glory 58.777-Pikkie

Fairytale Morning Glory x 777 Pikkie

Great blend of pastel shades of pinky yellow with attractive reflexed flowers

5 R 500.00
T46 62.Fairytale Whisper 56.Fairytale Flying High


Breeding with Fairytale genetics mixed with ( Fairytale x Zol.) Good quality Fairytale

5 R 500.00
T47 52.777-BBB 58.777-Pikkie

777-BBB x 777 Pikkie

Great looking plant crossed with 777 good quality series. Pollen from Breeder.

5 R 500.00