Appleblossom Crosses

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Appleblossom Crosses - Appleblossom grown from seed from the original wild clones. Has produced some really stunning F1 results with increased flower count and broader petals, darker pink shades.
T47 64.Appleblossom Dave Q5 x Q2 65.Pink Cheeks Appleblossom Q5 x Q3

Appleblossom (Q5 x Q2) x Appleblossom Pink Cheeks (Q5 X Q3)

Extremely pretty dark pink parent with reflexed petals


5 5 R400.00
T48 66.Appleblossom Crab Apple Q1 x Q2 67.Appleblossom VICTORIA Q5 X Q1

Appleblossom Crab Apple (Q1 x Q2) x Appleblossom Victoria (Q5 x Q1)

Two great looking plants crossed. Expecting great pink results.


5 5 R400.00
T49 68.Appleblosson Dimple Q1 x Q4 69.NGIDI Pink Champagne X Apple Blossom x Ngidi

(Appleblossom Q1 x Q4) Dimple x (Ngidi x Appleblossom)

A really good speciment with increased flower count. Crossed with the best A.B. in my collection.


5 5 R400.00
T50 70.Appleblossom DREAM Q5 xQ3 67.Appleblossom VICTORIA Q5 X Q1

Appleblossom Dream (Q5 x Q3) x Victoria (Q5 x Q1)

Another great crossing with top quality true pink colours, full umbels both with Q5 genetics


5 5 R400.00