Pastel Blush Series

In 1997 the KZN Clivia Club hosted their annual show held at the Botanic gardens in Pietermaritzburg. Here Mrs. Olive Naude exhibited her breathtaking double umbel led Naude Peach. One Peach umbel and one Yellow umbel. Pollen was used from Naude Peach on a wide variety of plants at Thurlow Flora, most seedlings grown were pigmented, a disappointment initially. When the seedling from the cross of Natal Yellow {[Giddy] Group 2 yellow} and Naude Peach flowered we were grateful they were not Peaches and Yellows since they were the softest pastels, which as they matured became infused with pink. The Pinking or Peaching Up gene was inherited from the Naude Peach, which starts off Yellow and on maturity becomes Peach.

Seedlings from the cross between Natal Yellow and Naude Peach have been selected and sibling crosses made. The results of this breeding program have produced a family of plants marketed as Thurlow Flora Pastel Blush Series. Since these plants have a diverse colour genetic background, Yellows, Peaches and Pink Pastels are expected from seed grown.

A few superior clones, which make up the Pastel Blush Series are namely:

OliveNaude1   OliveNaude1   Romance2

 Olive Naude


 Milk shake




DisappointedChild1 A Yellow named Disappointed Child. Named this since it was expected that the flower would Peach Up on Maturity but didn’t and remained Yellow, a stunning yellow at that.