Chiffon/Bi-Colour Series


Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price  in ZAR
Thurlow Flora
Chiffon/Bi-Colour Series -  Great looking Bill Morris BI-COLOUR PARENT with lovely subtle colours blending into a truly magnificent specimen. Chubb Genetics
T69 96.Rolys Patina Sean 97.Chiffon Daughter

Roly's PATINA x Chiffon F2

Patrina bred out of Chiffon using daughter with lots of white throat crossed with Chiffon F3 white throat

5 5 R 400.00
98.Chiffon Snow Goose

99.Rolys Chiffon Shantung

Roly's Chiffon SNOWGOOSE X Roly's Shangtung

Cream Roly Breeding crossed with very desirable Chiffon sibling with lots of cream in the mix.

5 5 R 400.00
 T71 100.Pastel Blush X MAGNUM 101.Bill Morris Bi colour PINNACLE

(CHUBB Pastel Blush x Magnum) x B.M. Bi-Colour Pinnacle

STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL Both are stunning Bi-Colour combinations.

5 5 R 400.00