Fairytale / Andrew Gibson, 777 Series

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Fairytale / Andrew Gibson, 777 Series - Have introduced "777-BBB and Dagga Cookie and Holy Smoke into the Fairytale Series (Ndwedwe Msubo "Wow" x "Andrew Gibson") using a selected of Fairytales with lots of green in the flower. Is already producing stunning results


79.Fairytale Green Fern 28.777 BBB

Fairytale Green Fern x 777-BBB

Lots of green in both parents. Reflexed petals with splashes of dark pink on outside. Great looking combination.

5 5 R 500.00
T56 77.Fairytale Fabulous 78.777 Pikkie

Fairytale Fabulous x 777 Pikkie

Great looking colouration with lots of green in blooms x with 777 Pikkie excellent 777 breeding

 5 3 R 500.00
T57 80.Fairytale Roan 28.777 BBB

Fairytale Roan x 777-BBB

Great green colouration in Fairytale, with good colour and shape in flower.

 5 5 R 500.00 
T58 81.Fairytale Green Girlie 28.777 BBB Fairytale Greengirlie x 777-BBB

Big Bloom with green in the pink shades crossed with 777 with lots of green.

 5 5 R 500.00
 T59 82.Fairytale Green Sprinkles 78.777 Pikkie

Fairytale Sprinkles x Pikkie 777

Great looking plant, big flower count and crown of colorful blooms.

5 5  R 500.00
T60 83.Fairytale Green Tinge 84.Holy Smoke Louis Lotter Fairytale Tinge x Holy Smoke

Trying this amazing mix of genes for interesting and unusual results

 5 5  R 500.00