Gardenii Crosses - Everton Green Goblin

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Gardenii Crosses - Everton Green Goblin is producing some really spectacular siblings with full umbels of recurved and creamy results when crossed with Harburg and Goblin first seedlings
T92 124.Robusta Carolines Pride 125.Ngome Yellow Spark

Caroline's Pride x Yellow Ngome Spark

Stunning Cream/'White Robusta ex Habitat, full umbels with green tips great specimen.


5 4 R 250.00
T93 126.EVERTON GREEN GOBLIN 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

Everton Green Goblin x Golden Renaissance

Goblin is a great looking specimen crossed with Golden Renaissance hard to beat.


 5 5 R 250.00
T94 128.Brian Tarrs Bongi 129.Robusta Tomato Drop

Brian Tarr Bongi x Tomato Drop

Brian Tarr Bongi crossed with very red full umbel great looker


 5 4 R 250.00
T95 130.Gems Malachite 131.Malachite Maiden

Gem's Malachite x Malachite Maiden

Both plants have lots of green and full umbels of very attractive flowers


 5 5 R 250.00
T96 126.EVERTON GREEN GOBLIN 132.TubbyGoblin Marshmallow

Everton Green Goblin x Tubby

Goblin one of the best looking gardenii ex Everton habitat crossed with Goblin Seedling TUBBY


 5 5 R 250.00
T97 133.Gems Sunstone 130.Gems Malachite

Gem's Sunstone x Gem's Malachite

Lovely Bronze flower crossed with flower with lots of green full umbel


 5 4 R 250.00
T98 134.Goblin F1 Gremlin 126.EVERTON GREEN GOBLIN

Gremlim x Everton Green Goblin

Gremlin is seedling from Goblin. Very similar in shape and looks.


 5 5 R 250.00
T99 126.EVERTON GREEN GOBLIN 135.Troll Goblin F2

Everton Green Goblin x Troll

Troll Goblin F2 combined withEverton Green Goblin. Great results


 5 5 R 250.00