Ghost - Waterford Series

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Ghost -Waterford Series - Waterford series are Gerhards Pastel Ghost crossings on Chubb Peach, Kevan Walters, Ndwedwe Jade and Ndedwe Pink Fantasy clones. Am breeding 3rd generation which is throwing out some really stunning show winning specimens. All crosses offset well.
T1 1.Waterford Enchanting 2.Mvuma Graffiti

Waterford ENCHANTING x Waterford GRAFITTI

STUNNING COMBINATION of two sisters with Ghosting, large blooms and full umbels. Producing great results.

5 R 400.00
 T2 2.Mvuma Graffiti 3.Waterford Mirage

Waterford GRAFITTI X Waterford MIRAGE

PICK OF THE CROP bred from Habitat Yellow MVUMA and Gerhards Pastel Ghost. Stunning results, large reflexed flowers, huge umbel. Show Winner of Note. 


  5 R 400.00
T3 4.Mvuma Yellow 2.Mvuma Graffiti


Putting this stunning sibling back to Upper Tongaat Habitat Mvuma Yellow. Great looking plant with large umbel and reflexed flowers. Plant opens with lots of green.


  5 R 400.00
T4 3.Waterford Mirage 1.Waterford Enchanting

Waterford MIRAGE x Waterford Enchanting

WATERFORD MIRAGE crossed with full sister Enchanting is guaranteed to produce stunning Ghosts with large umbels and blooms. A must in your collection


5 R 400.00
T5 3.Waterford Mirage 5.Naude Peach


Bringing in new Naude genetic material which is proving to produce great results with greenin the mix


5 R 400.00
T6 6.Waterford Phantom 3.Waterford Mirage

Waterford PHANTOM x Waterford MIRAGE

Breeding with sisters with Gerhard's Pastel Ghost as pollen parent. Great results coming through next generation with large blooms and umbels with shade of pastel ghost.

  5  R 400.00
T7 6.Waterford Phantom 7.Waterford Downton

Waterford PHANTOM x Waterford DOWNTON

NEW IN MY COLLECTION. Downton has large pastel shades with ghosting on broad petals and large umbel. A must in your collection. Can only improve in next generation.

  5 R 400.00 
T8 8.Quin Star 3.Waterford Mirage

QUIN STAR x Waterford Mirage

Stunning Combination of two great looking plants with lots of presence. Expecting great results. Show Quality plants.

 5 5 R 400.00 
T9 9.Waterford Alaska 10.Gems Apoline

Waterford ALASKA x Gem's Apoline

A better combination of two great yellows, with reflexed petals, large flowers on big round umbel. SHOW WINNERS.

 5 5 R 400.00
T10 11.Waterford Paisley 12.Naude Peach F2

Waterford PAISLEY x NAUDE Peach F2

Both these clones have green in the flowers with subtle shades of pinky cream. Large blooms with big umbels. Naude bred by Sean Chubb.

5  5 R 400.00
T11 13.Waterford Burme 1.Waterford Enchanting

Waterdford BURME x Waterford ENCHANTING

Unusual ghost patterning with full umbel crossed with the best Waterford Ghost specimen. Expecting great results.

 5 5 R 400.00
T12 3.Waterford Mirage 14.Mirage x Ruby Stewart

Waterford MIRAGE X (Mirage x Ruby Stewart)

Mirage crosses are producing some really  stunning and unusual pastel and ghost colour combinations.

5  5 R 400.00
T13 15.Msubo Wow x Ruby Stewart 16.Gerards Pastel Ghost

(Wow x Ruby Stewart) x GERHARD'S PASTEL GHOST

Have bred a series of very pretty large pastel blooms with show of ghosting in the shades of  pinky orange.

 5 5 R 400.00
T14 17.Waterford Yellow Banana 18.Waterford Cremora TOP SCORE

Waterford Yellow Banana x Waterford Cremora TOPSCORE

Stunning Kevan Walters x Quin Pastel Ghost with huge umbel, big blooms and variegation in the leaves. Crossed with Huge Yellow. What a win.

 5 5 R 400.00
T15 19.Waterford Imprint 2.Mvuma Graffiti

Waterford IMPRINT x Waterford GRAFFITTI

Imprint F1 - Mirage Daughter. Great looking pollen parent. Expecting something stunning

 5 5 R 400.00
T16 20.Kevan Walters Yellow 21.Quins Moon


Walters Yellow x Big yellow bred by Pat Quin from seed ex Nakamura

 5 5 R 400.00