Interspecific Crosses

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Interspecific Crosses - Interspecifics do their own thing and the results are a surprise to all who work with them. Using a variety of mixes in the breeding with selected specials
T108 141. Nick Kruger Bikini Treasure 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

Nick Kruger Bikini Treasure x Ngome Gem's Renaissance

Very pretty pastel with green in colour bred by Nick Kruger crossed with Gem's Golden Renaissance. Expecting something different


5 5 R 350.00
T109 142.Big Bang 28.777 BBB

Big Bang x 777-BBB

Expecting interesting results from this cross using 777-BBB genes. Tips of this dark orange quality flower shape are green on opening. High flower count.


5 5 R 400.00
T110 143.Jimpy 144.Belltime

Jimpy x Belltime

Stunning colours of dark red and green to tips, full umbel crossed with bellshaped dark red full open blooms.


5 5 R 350.00 
T111 145.Miss Muffett 138.Happy Wanderer Premier

Miss Muffett x Happy Wanderer Premier

Great looking mother plant crossed with excellent interspecific clone.


5 5 R 350.00 
 T112 146.Custard Slice 147.Nymph

Custard Slice x Nymph

This stunning rainbow of interspecific colours as it opens and ages turning a soft mandarine shade of orange. Full open blooms.


5 5  R 350.00
 T113 144.Belltime 28.777 BBB

Belltime x 777-BBB

Open bell shaped flower with attractive umbel crossed with 777 expecting green in the mix


5 3  R 350.00
T114 148.Gatsby Girl 113.Shige Hirao 2

Gatsby Girl x Hirao Shige 2

Very pretty interspecific crossed with Hirao to bring more green into the results.


5 5 R 350.00 
 T115 149.Pink Misty Cloud 150.Rudos Ballerina

Misty Pink Cloud x Rudo's Ballerina

Great looking combination expect interesting results with pink in the combo


5 R 350.00
T116 151.Little Mermaid 151.Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid x self

Very Attractive colours on a pretty dainty umbel.


5 R 350.00