KZN Clivia Breeders Yearbook Article

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The Clivia Club in Kwa-Zulu Natal formed in 1994 with a small group of enthusiasts. Realizing that Kwa-Zulu Natal had a huge Clivia gene pool with 3 species indigenous to our borders we had a wealth of genetic material which we wanted to share with other Clivia enthusiasts. In 2001 the KZN Clivia Club Committee then chaired by Sean Chubb had the initiative to market excess clivia seed produced by the Clivia Club members to other Clivia enthusiasts. The KZN seed bank was formed.

The demand for seed both from Habitat and Nursery grown varieties proved to be almost unsatisfyable. The seed bank flourished each year attracting more and more overseas and local clivia enthusiasts with wide variety of new and exciting crosses.

The KZN Clivia Breeders was established in 2008 with 3 principle members but also offering seed for sale from other KZN Clivia Club members. Currently KZN Clivia Breeders markets mainly the seed from Val Thurston and Sean Chubb – Thurlow Flora. Both Sean and Val started Clivia breeding programmes in the late 1970`s and have a huge genetic base with multiple generation of breeding ,thus offering a genetically diverse range of seed including all 7 species of Clivia.

The KZN Clivia Breeders offer TOP quality genetics in a huge variety of colours and forms, producing many new modern colours, but also maintaining the genetic purity of our habitat Heritage plants. 2014 will be the 14 year we have been offering seed for sale and we pride ourselves in producing seed of the highest quality and true to type. Many seeds offered are line bred and produce an expected outcome. Having in many cases a number of generations of breeding behind an offering, the plants flowered from such seed is highly reliable.

Seed is marketed from the beginning of April until the end of September or until such time as we are out of stock. Two principle methods are used to market our seed and they are via our website and at clivia shows and exhibitions. Our website hosts our Galleries where customers can view our exciting range of Clivia. We also do send our seed list to our current and past customers and also any other interested parties. If interested please mail Sean Chubb on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Having been offering our seed for sale for a long period of time many of our customers worldwide have had seedlings flower from our seed and we have had numerous comments about our seed and the resulting flowering plants. Below are just a few of the comments we received recently.

I quote:-
'Last year I bought seeds from many breeders. KZN seeds have got the highest germination rate. 98 % of the varieties germinated 100% like 5 out of 5 seeds. I am very happy with the collection I am growing now. Thank you very much for quality seeds and all these colour variations.`

'The quality of the seed is outstanding, and over the years I would have averaged well over 95% germination rates...which is excellent. The seedlings have always been vigorous growers as well. I have also flowered some wonderful plants I otherwise would not have had access to that are now part of my breeding programe. Considering we are being offered the latest crosses, and new-colour breakthroughs, I find the cost of seed, plus the necessary bank charges to be trivial.
'I consider their prices to be a bargain. Fascinating seed and always of good
quality. Thanks to all involved. Keep it up !'

'Fact is, those who don’t participate in these KZN offerings, are really not keeping up with the cutting edge breeding and are being left behind. Those who already think they have the best of everything are clearly kidding themselves!!
Never assume free seed is worthless… Several years ago I received as part of a purchase from KZN some free seed labeled Chubb’s 2nd Chance. Judging from the results, it was a pot luck mixture from several parents/breeding efforts. Attached is a photo from one plant out of this group. And yes the other seeds from the Chubb’s 2nd Chance packet are just as spectacular, although completely different. For some reason I am developing a preference for surprises.

'Dollar for dollar my greatest satisfaction has come from two seed sources over the years (starting with my first order in 2004 from these two): The KZN seed list and the Cape Clivia Club Seed list.'
'I have to say they are the biggest fattest most beautiful seeds I think I've ever seen!!

I’ve had excellent germination (germination being to the point of the first green leaf)…certainly above the 95% mark and I have a great crop of healthy seedlings coming along.
I received the seeds you sent me today. I really appreciate the extra effort you went to.

The fact that you also sent me a lot of extra seeds goes way beyond keeping a customer happy! You really didn't have to, but I take note, thanks.

Seed arrived safely today and it has travelled very well – all seeds look in very good condition. You must have a good reputation with Australian Customs as the package doesn’t appear to have been opened for inspection. I expect that also meant I received it a good 4 or 5 days earlier as the inspections can be a bit slow sometimes.

Sean these are the biggest fattest seeds I have ever bought, a credit to you and your fellow breeders. Next season I think I will only purchase seed from KZN Clivia Breeders.


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