Ghost - Waterford Series

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Ghost -Waterford Series
T1 1.Waterford Ghost Enchanting 2.Waterford Ghost Stell-Aura

 Waterford ENCHANTING x Waterford STELL-AURA

NEW IN THE STABLE. Stunning Enchanting Ghost crossed with Stell-Aura, same gene pool plant split for yellow, crossed with Aura has produced a very similar spectacular first flowering result.

R 600.00
 T2 3.Waterford Ghost Mirage 4.Waterford Vals Ghost

Waterford MIRAGE x Waterford Val's Ghost

NEW IN THE STABLE. Waterford Ghosts are top drawer ghosts. Well worth breeding with the latest genetics. Pollen parent bred by myself using Gerhard's Pastel Ghost in pool.


  R 600.00
T3 5.Waterford Ghost Chrystaline 6.Waterford Ghost Phantom

Waterford Chrystaline x Waterford Phantom

Breeding like on like within the genetic pool using Gerhard's Pastel Ghost.Creamy ghost shades with good flower shape.


  R 500.00
T4 7.Waterford Ghost Apparition 6.Waterford Ghost Phantom

Waterford Apparition x Waterford Phantom

Apparition - Mirage F2.Second year this parent plant has flowered with increased flower count and amazing colouration. Crossed with similar Waterford Ghost. Results with be mind blowing


R 400.00
T5 8.Waterford Paisley 1.Waterford Ghost Enchanting

Waterford Paisley x Waterford Enchanting

Great colours mixed to perfection. Expecting good results with Gerhard's Pastel Ghost in genes.


R 400.00
T6 6.Waterford Ghost Phantom 1.Waterford Ghost Enchanting

Waterford Phantom x Waterford Enchanting

Another great Ghost from Gerhards Pastel Ghost as ithe pollen parent.

   R 400.00
T7 9.Quin Star 10.Gerards Pastel Ghost

Quin Star x Gerhard's Pastel Ghost

This cross can only produce the best results. Both from the same Batch of imported seeds of Pat Quin STABLE.

  R 400.00 
T8 11.Bill Morris Vanilla Cream 10.Gerards Pastel Ghost

Vanilla Cream x Gerhard's Pastel Ghost

This cross can only produce the best results. Both from the same Batch of imported seeds of Pat Quin STABLE.

 5 R 400.00 
T9 12.Waterford Alaska 13.Gems Appoline

Waterford ALASKA x Gem's Apoline

Alaska F1 from Gerhards genes. Near white as you can get with big flowers on a large round umbel. Great looking plant.

 5  R 300.00
T10 14.Quins Moon 15.Waterford Mvuma Graffiti

Quin's Moon x Waterford Graffitti

Quin Moon full sister to Quin Star from the same seed batch.

5  R 500.00 
T11 2.Waterford Ghost Stell-Aura 15.Waterford Mvuma Graffiti

Waterford STELL-AURA x Waterford Graffitti

Keeping the breeding within the genetic pool. Stunning pair

 5 R 500.00 
T12 16.Waterford Ghost Imprint 15.Waterford Mvuma Graffiti

Waterford IMPRINT x Waterford Graffitti

Imprint F1 - Mirage Daughter. Great looking pollen parent. Expecting something stunning

5   R 500.00
T13 17.Nakamura Best Ghost 18.Dagga Cookie Dizzy

NAKAMURA BEST GHOST x Gerhards Pastel Ghost

Have had great success with this cross in the past. Expecting the greatest results once again.

 5 R 700.00