Hirao and Group 2 Crosses

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Hirao and Group 2 Crosses - Using a combination of imported Hirao clones of superior quality, colour and  presentation. Hottie Hirao and Shige Yippie is showing great results.
T79  111.HIRAO X Khowe  41.Hottie Hirao

Hirao Khowe x Hottie Hirao

Excellent dark green specimen crossed with large flowered, full umbel of good green combination will give exciting results.

5 5 R 400.00
T80  112.Cynthias Best Vogue  113.Shige Hirao 2

Cynthia's Best Vogue x Shige Hirao 2

Stunning Group 2 clone with full blooms and umbel x with one of the greenest Hirao's in my collection.

 5 5 R 400.00
T81 112.Cynthias Best Vogue  23.Hirao HELLO ex Sean

Cynthia's Best Vogue x Shige Hirao HELLO

Lots of green, great shape Group 2 from Cynthia's Best. Expecting great results

5 5 R 400.00
T82 112.Cynthias Best Vogue  114.Hirao YIPPIE

Cynthia's Best "Vogue" x Hirao Yippie

Lots of dark green in this Hirao crossed onto a quality Group 2 Cynthia's Best Yellow Vogue

5 5 R 400.00
T83 115.Cynthias Best  41.Hottie Hirao

Cynthia's Best Original Clone x Hottie Hirao

Cynthia's Best crosssed with the famous Hottie Hirao good quality plant can only produce great results with class.

5 5 R 400.00
T84 116.Khowe x Hirao 2  113.Shige Hirao 2

(Khowe x Hirao) 2 x Shige Hirao 2

Really super looking flower with full umbel green in centre. Good cross.

5 5 R 400.00