Gem's Apoline Cross

Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Gem's Apoline Cross - MY CROSS OF THE SEASON Excellent selection of Large Umbels with big flowers. Specially selected for good quality results from Show winning genetics using Gem's Apoline.
T85  117.Pat Bennett Willow  49.Waterford Colossus

Pat Bennett "WILLOW"x Waterford COLOSSUS

Stunning Reflexed big flower yellow crossed with Apoline. Both quality show plants with great presence at shows


5 5 R 400.00
T86  118.Bill Morris Vanilla Cream  10.Gems Apoline

Vanilla Cream x Gem's Apoline

Vico Yellow X Good Yellow from Bill Morris x with Gem's top breeding yellow A MUST


5 5 R 400.00
T87  119.So Excited Appoline  10.Gems Apoline

So Excited x Gem's Apoline

So Excited is bred from Apoline. Attractive flower formation. Expect great results back to parent.


5 5 R 400.00
T85  120.Howling Moon  10.Gems Apoline

Howling Moon x Gem's Apoline

CLASSY YELLOW crossed with a TOP CLASS stunning partner. Anything can happen with this cross. Gem's Apoline in both plants


5 5 R 500.00