Mirabilis, F.W.L.Ghosts

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Mirabilis, F.W.L.Ghosts - GREAT RESULTS COMING THROUGH - using Mirabilis/Miniata as the parent which is proving it has the potential to produce interesting and varied interspecific results. Mirabilis grown from seed Kirstenbosch
T31 4.Mvuma Yellow 40.Mirabilis ex Mick Dower


Expecting interesting interspecific cross with this combination of genetics.


5 2 R 500.00
T32 40.Mirabilis ex Mick Dower 41.Hottie Hirao

MIRABILIS X Hottie's Hirao

This cross has produced amazing results. Lots of green appearing in results with huge umbels of cascading blooms.


5 3 R 500.00
T33 42.BIGGIE BEST Oprah Miem Marriott 43.Super Cool


A huge specimen with large dark orange red umbel of blooms and broad leaves. A magnificent specimen from seed ex Helen Marriott.

5 3

R 400.00

T34 44.Variegated FWL Ghost 45.Variegated Florid Whitlips 2

VARIEGATED Florid White Lips x Variegated  Florid Whitelips 2

Crossed two different clones of Variegated Florid White Lips with great colouration in flowers and variegated leaves.

5 5

R 300.00

T35 46.Florid White Lips Ghost Trinket 47.Florid Whitelips Blondine

Florid White Lips TRINKET x Florid White Lips BLONDINE

Two great Florid White Lips ghosts expecting pleasinng results from these two ghosts

5 5

R 300.00

T36 48.Florid White Lips x Mirabilis 48.Florid White Lips x Mirabilis

(Florid White Lips x Mirabilis) X SELF

Very pretty combination of clones with pendulous results

5 5 R 400.00
T37 49.Waterford Colossus 32.Ndwedwe Jade Supreme

COLOSSUS x Jade Supreme (Jade x Zol)

Great looking yellow large flower crossed with Habitat Jade x Zol

5 5 R 400.00