Naude/Msubo Wow Series

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Naude/Msubo Wow Series - SHEER SERIES Ndwedwe Msubo Wow crossed with Naude Peach. Naude Peach is producing some great genetic breeding material with versicolour coming through in the seedlings. Good leaf shape.
T61 85.Sheer Delight 86.Sheer Happiness

Sheer Delight x Sheer Happiness

Very striking colouration, versi-colour with Msubo Wow x Naude Peach. Only releasng a few

5 3 R 500.00
T62 87.Sheer Chance Naude x Wow 88.Naude Peach F2 Sean

Sheer Chance x Naude - Sean

Stunning results expected from this cross. Lots of green in both parents. Broad petals on very full umbel of beautiful bloom. A must in your collection.Limited release

 5 3 R 500.00