Ndwedwe Msubo Wow,Msubo Nguni and Ngidi Crosses

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Ndwedwe Msubo Wow, Msubo Nguni and Ngidi Crosses
T37 48.Ndwedwe Nguni Green Centre 2.Naude Peach

Ndwedwe Msubo Nguni Green x "Naude Peach"

Naude Peach works well with Ndwedwe Msubo Wow and Nguni Green - should produce some very interesting results. Broader petals, splashing effect on back of petals

5 R500.00
T38 49.Ndwedwe Msubo Wow 2.Naude Peach

Ndwedwe "Msubo Wow" x "Naude Peach"

As Naude is compatible with Andrew Gibson and Msubo Wow am expecting something interesting and exciting with improved genetics expecting good % of green in colouration.

5 R500.00

Ndwedwe - Ngidi Pink Champagne Crosses

T17 23.Ngidi Pink Champagne 22. Le Fleurette Pink Champagne


Ngidi 'Pink Champagne' x ` Le Fleurette Pink Champagne'

Crossed back to Ngidi Pink Champagne both stunning specimens. Unpigented stems expecting pinks with quality flowers.


5 R500.00
T18 24.Ngidi Creme Champagne 25.Ngidi  Peach Cordial


Ngidi Crème Champagne x "Ngidi Peach Cordial"

Parent -the most stunning and best Yellow Ngidi cross I have bred to date. Large flowers (101mm diam) with broad petals. Line Breeding for pink tones.


5 R500.00
T19 25.Ngidi  Peach Cordial 22. Le Fleurette Pink Champagne


Ngidi "Peach Cordial" x "Le Fleurette Pink Champagne"

(Ngidi x Beta x Ngidi) x Ngidi) x Ngidi.  This beautiful first time flowering Pinky Peach appeared in this crossing. Expecting great results with Sean's Le Fleurette bred from Ngidi Pink Champagne


5 R500.00