Ngome Gardenii Crosses


Ref Number POD POLLEN Description No of seed per packet No of packets Price per Packet in ZAR
Val Thurston Seedlist
Ngome Gardenii Crosses
T121 157.Glacier 158.Icicle

Glacier x Icicle

Both very attractive cream interspecifics.


5 3 R 350.00
T122 159.Mick Dower Variegated Yellow Ngome

 125.Ngome Yellow Spark

Mick Dower Ngome Variegated Yellow X Yellow Spark

Should produce great Ngome Pendulous results


 5 5 R 350.00
T123 125.Ngome Yellow Spark 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

NgomeYellow Spark x Gem's Golden Renaissance

Good Yellow Ngome Gardenii crossed with Gem's Golden Renaissance. Expecting great yellows


 5  5 R 350.00
T124 127.Gems Golden Renaissance 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

Golden Renaissance x self

Great looking Ngome clone from GEMS WILD FLOWERS. They don't come better


 5  5 R 350.00
 T125 160.Ngome Blush Sheen 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

Ngome Blush Sheen x Golden Renaissance

Two very pretty Ngome crosses guaranteed to produce great results.


5  5  R 350.00
T126 161.Ngome Blush Rush 127.Gems Golden Renaissance

Ngome Blushed Rush x Golden Renaissance

This plant has a large full umbell of flowers and has great potential to produce great results.

5  5 R 350.00