Pastel - Lyn Janisch "Parfait" Crossings

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Val Thurston Seedlist
Pastel - Lyn Janisch "Parfait" Crossings - Very promising results from Lyn's Parfait crosses coming through USING HABITAT MSUBO WOW. Breeding some subtle pastel creamy specimens. Improved flower shape and umbel good with splashes of colour on outside of REFLEXED petals
T51 71.Lyn Janisch Soda Pop 72.MILKSHAKE Parfait x Msubo Wow

Lyn's Soda Pop x Angie's MILKSHAKE

NEW BREEDING. Very unusual results from Lyn's Parfait x Msubo Wow. Using this sibling on parent and F1 siblings.


5 5 R 400.00
T52 73.Lyn Janisch Sorbet 74.LYN JANISCH PARFAIT

Lyn's Sorbet x Lyn's Parfait

Great looking cross back to parent to improve results and colour


 5 5 R 400.00
T53 75.Lyn Janisch Banana Split 76.Ndwedwe Msubo Wow Nguni

Lyn's Banana Split x Ndwedwe Msubo Wow

Big Flower with great colouring introducing Habitat Msubo Wow as this mix is producing some great results.


 5 5 R 400.00

Lyn's Parfait x Angie's MILKSHAKE

A BIRD told me that this cross gives stunning results - so take a chance.


 5 5 R 400.00